The Business of Paint

  • Have you ever wondered why its so hard to make it with art?
  • The myth in most of the genres that you cant make and money, let alone a living as an artist.
  • Why no one buys your prints (apart from your family and friends)
  • Why your customers constantly want to knock your prices down
  • Why you always seem to stay at the same level as you were last year although your artwork has vastly improved.
  • Why you think that other artists seem to have it all (there is an important word in this sentence 'Seem' )
How can we help?
On a regular basis, we consult with over 80 businesses every month, where we help them with their business and to keep them ahead of the game, we see dramatic results with our strategies and just because you are an artist or painter the same principles apply. Our seminars will increase your business knowledge and guide you to success in owning, running and succeeding with a business in Art. 

By Appointment Also
We had an unbelievable seminar last time round, but there is one thing we picked up on from talking to our clients, this was how personal the experience was.

We had almost every artform and paint industry attend from , oil painters, sculptors, repair centres, airbrush artists, even beauty consultants came along to grow their enterprise.
We loved every minute of it, but....We think we can help more!

We can help you more by making it even more personal, on a 1-2-1 basis, we have time to look at your existing structure, help you taylor it and push you forward quickly. We can identify where things can be improved, and radically change your business in as little as 90 days.

Contact us now to find out the next available date for your 1-2-1.

We cover the very best strategies for
  • Your Mindset
  • Your Presentation
  • How to see your business clearly with a set purpose
  • How to be attractive to customers
  • Your online Presence
  • Marketing online and offline
  • Social Media
  • Your Website
  • Being successful
  • Failure
  • The Law
You will instantly see your industry, artwork, inspirations in a completely different way, and will be ready to make the advancements you need, that kick your waiting for and start living your art with new eyes.

To Add Even More Value
We will check in with you once a month for the following 90 days, to see how things are going, what's happening with your business, and give you the help and motivation you need as things start to happen.

As part of my personal growth and success, I needed my partner with me, so we are offering a PLUS+1 absolutely FREE, 

Money Back Guarantee
I am so confident that this course will be worth 1000's to you, We offer you a full money back guarantee for your course fees if you feel we have given you poor guidance, poor value for money and useless information that you will never use to help you progress with your business or your success.
We promise to give you only the very best information, strategies and guidance that will leave you feeling motivated, excited and pumped up for your future with the knowledge to tackle your industry head on the very next day.