Ready For Use Candy

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These ready for use candy's are perfect for the smaller scale painter, for this who paint helmets, tanks and generally customise anything you can get your hands on, we also supply them in 1 ltr form for those larger jobs like complete resprays, use the selection box to choose the size you need, if you are unsure of how much you will need for a certain Job, give us a call and we can recommend an amount for your job.

The Small 120ml bottles are in a ready for use format. they may require a small amount on thinning for airbrush use, but are ready to go for the spray gun. 
Our larger bottles of 500ml and 1000ml will require thinning with a ratio of 2:1.

apply our candys over a course silver or similar metallic basecoat in a 70% overlap, if you desire a deeper colour apply more coats, For a good deep candy finish 3-4 coats is optimum for a rich deep candy finish.
Apply our Crystal Clearcoat over the top for an ultra high gloss, rock hard finish.