The Airbrush Academy is Mainland UK's only full time Airbrush training centre.
We dedicate our time and energy into giving you the best possible experience and investment throughout the UK.


One of the most Frequently asked question's is "which class is the best for me" or "What do I Learn?"

To help answer these questions, all individuals are different, so naturally some students will advance further than others, but most importantly ALL students will advance!! And become better artists when they leave, with the confidence to continue on with an array of techniques and knowledge, and most importantly, continue to advance.

I can't even draw a stick man, will I be able to airbrush!

In short, YES!! Of course being naturally artistic does help but by using my techniques and methods you will be able to airbrush to a good standard using many of the tricks of the trade, remember even some of the most effective and stunning effects are so simple and easy, its just knowing how.

 I've been airbrushing for a few years and seem to have hit a wall with my work, will a class help me break through this and make me a better artist?

 Everyone is different, and some will advance more than others, in this situation it would always be best to contact us to discuss your needs as a set class sometimes wont be the remedy to your troubles.

Everyone seems to be teaching airbrushing and I don't know who to go to for my class.

 I can easily tell you to "Come to me, Come to me!!" but that would be very predictable and quite boring. But what we do urge you to do is to look at the teachers work, it should speak for itself!! If your chosen teacher has only a mediocre standard of work, then there is a chance that what you will learn, will only be to the same standard.

I would love to take part in one of your classes but you are quite a distance away.

 This is one of the most frequently made comments we have received. In this situation, we need you to ask yourself 'How bad do you want it?' How much do you want to learn? and are you really going to let  the tiniest thing like a couple hours in the car, stop you from achieving your goal? 
If you are unsure of any of the above questions maybe learning and mastering a new skill like airbrushing, isn't for you!

What Do I Need To Bring?

Apart from your undivided attention and maybe a notepad and pen, there is nothing to bring along, all paints airbrushes and equipment is supplied at our school, although if you are quite partial to your own collection of brushes or just one in particular we encourage you to bring it along, after all its the one you will be using when you leave the class

How long are the classes?

First class day, we tend to start at approx 9.30-10 am, and finish at around 5pm.  This gives students plenty of time to travel and reach us for the days tuition, we tend to airbrush for approximately 6-8 hours, but have gone on in the past to late evening


Where are the classes located?

We are located in Walsall , West Midlands, and all classes are held at our facility at the Airbrush Academy.

How Much Do The Classes Cost?

Please browse through the different classes HERE all prices are on each class, with a full description of the class including duration, dates and cost.

Food and refreshments

We break for Lunch around midday, or at an appropriate time for the class, Tea, Coffee and refreshments are available all class days, we no longer provide food at the academy due to the closure of the catering company we use. there are plenty of places to eat which are local to our studio, alternatively you are welcome to bring your own food for the day

Hotels in the area

There are a number of bed and breakfasts in the evesham area, with in a few miles of our facility, here are a few I can recommend

Premier Inn Walsall

Lindon House Hotel Walsall (links Available soon)


1 to 1 Private Tuition

If you would rather have one to one private tuition, then please let us know, I know that learning in a group may not be everyones 'cup of paint' so we offer private tuition for those who prefer it. Click here to visit our contact page to let us know your requirements
with the techniques that are taught, are transferable to a multitude of surfaces.
Still Unsure?? Let us know you requirements and we can recommend the class that suits your needs Call  us on 01386 574053


More Help

Please browse through the class category's HERE for more information on each section,  and FAQ's and if you are still unsure, dont hesitate to give me a call....