Plastic Primer/ Adhesion Promoter

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Custom Series Adhesion Promoter and Plastic Primer

This adhesion promoter is a multi use plastic primer, adhesion promoter for the Custom series solvent colours.

Whether you are painting helmets, models, aluminium, or plastics this multi use product will help your paint stick and adhere to the surface. 

Of course normal preperation is needed as with any paint.

How to Use.
  • Prepare the surface with either wet and dry abrasives, or scotchbrite with the correct grit for the application.
  • clean and degrease the area.
  • tack off the surface
  • apply Custom Series Multi use Adhesion Promoter
  • leave for approx 15 mins
  • Do not sand or scotch, paint directly over the treated area within 30mins for excellent paint adhesion