Mod 3: Advanced Airbrushing

Be The Best at What You Do!
Our advanced Class, for the professional, and those who desire greatness for their airbrush art.

This class is dedicated to pushing the boundary's with their artwork and are serious about being the best at what they do. We take you to a level no other UK airbrush school can, Photo-realistic airbrushing that will stun your customers or viewers and cause confusion to whether they are actually painted. We teach you techniques to create unbelievable detail, textures and realism on most any any surface you desire, canvas, illustration board, automotive surface and airbrush papers.
We Teach You:
  • Advanced Colour Matching
  • How to correctly erase for effective texture building, not just about adding highlights.
  • The use of other tools and mediums in your airbrush art
  • How to effectively airbrush anything you desire and achieve realism when doing so. Seeing your painting before you start.
  • Masking and Layering. Even the most simplest of task can be made easier when layered correctly
  • Contrasting, Timing is everything, learn when to contrast your paintings effectively
  • Using Focus points and depth of field. How to add depth of field to your painting even if its not in your reference material
  • Transitions. how to spot the important transitions in your paintings for effective realism.
This class will cover a multitude of subjects in able for you to achieve the level you desire, with several class projects for you to combine as a wealth of knowledge, and achieve the desired level with your airbrush art.

Everything in one class
  • Advanced Monotone Airbrushing
(creating photo-realistic paintings in monotone)
  • Advanced Textures
(Creating stunning textures and realistic effects that most don't bother with. Giving you full guidance on how to deconstruct the desired texture and create it in your painting)
  • Deeper Colour Theory and colour correction
(Mixing and matching colours more accurately, creating even more realism. We look more at values, Hue, tones and shades helping you to hit the colours you desire )
  • Advanced Full Colour Airbrushing
(Using opaque and transparent paints to their full potential, when and where to use them when creating a full colour painting)

We cover so much in this class, and is a direct final stage to our 'Next Step' Airbrushing Course and give you what you need to create realism in any airbrushed painting.

We paint up to 4 different projects in this course, with a multitude of different textures and techniques though out our 4 days together, We believe this to be the most advanced airbrush class in the UK.