Mod 2: The Next Step In Airbrushing

Modular 2: The Next Step In Airbrushing.

This class is the next step for you as an airbrush artist. If you have completed out Mod 1, or have a good working knowledge of the airbrush and airbrush strokes and are looking to move forward with your artwork, this is the class for you.

We have named this airbrush class 'The Next Step' as most airbrush artists reach a good understanding of creating artwork after our beginner class, and now its time to turn it up a notch and effectively incorporate colour. This class is dedicated to refining your airbrush strokes and creating full colour murals or airbrushed paintings.
We teach you all about:
  • Colour and Colour Matching, how to accurately mix a desired colour and how that colour will react to the mural you are painting
  • Paint Reductions, Using additives to help you achieve more detail with the airbrush alone than you thought possible
  • Planning your Paintings, sketching, masking and colour layouts to make your life easier
  • Working on different background colours, where each painting will require a different technique to complete.
  • Building your tones and levels, underpaintings and push-pull techniques
  • Opaque and transparents. When and where to use opaques and transparents in your painting
  • Saturation (strength of colour for effective murals)
  • Eliminate colour shift when using white
This is ideal working knowledge for Fine artists, Abstract artists, Tshirt & Textile Artists, Custom Automotive Airbrush Artists