Flake King 1000

This UK designed and made Dry Flake gun has been developed to apply dry metal flake directly to wet clear. Saving you a tremendous amount of time and materials.

As a commercial custom painter himself, Del always looks for easier ways of doing things and after using other metal flake application methods decided he would design a dry metal flake gun himself. So he developed this gun and had experienced and trusted commercial custom painters test the prototypes for independent real feedback and although they were reluctant to even try it, after they did were completely blown away by how much it saved them in metal flake, clear coat, cleaning up and most importantly time. The finish they were achieving was absolutely incredible - don't take our word for it check out our facebook page (The Custom Paint Shop) and see for yourselves .  

Metal Flake paint jobs are notoriously challenging in terms of time and materials in the past you would add your metal flake to your clear coat or inter coat clear and apply a coat, let it flash off apply another, let it flash off apply another coat repeat, repeat until you achieve the coverage you require, but the way this simply designed gun works makes metal flake jobs simple.

This gun will save you days of work and materials.

  • Simply apply a wet coat of clear, take the flake gun set the pressure spray the flake on – you will achieve almost 100% in a single application.
  • When you have as much on as the clear can handle – turn the flake off  via the unique flake valve, turn the air pressure up and literally blow the flake flat onto/into the clear. This will ensure that you will have almost no flake protruding through the clear.
  • Because your flake is flat you will use far less clear coat to bury it.
  • You also have the added benefit that you will no longer have metal flake residing/contaminating in your clear coat gun for days, weeks to come.