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Liquid Ice Crystal FX Mask 

Ice Crystal Liquid FX Mask is a self-activated coating that works over a sanded surface and achieves full crystallization in about 20 to 30 minutes. Using Ice Crystal Liquid FX Mask you have the ability to create the final unique pattern and create effects which are truly amazing! 

Apply Ice Crystal Liquid FX Mask on motorcycle tanks & guards, feature panels on motor cars, trucks, caravans, boats, jet skis, surfboards, skateboards, bench and counter tops and almost any other object.


  1. Spray a solvent base coat down, any colour you like - but it's best with silver, this will be your Ice Crystal pattern when it's finished, after spraying your first base coat, let it dry and then flat with 800p wet and dry. Wipe clean, then apply the Ice Crystal using a small sponge on top of your base coat.
  2. Leave to dry and depending on the temperature - different temperatures give different results - a warm room will give you small patterns and a colder room will give you bigger Crystals - you will have to try and see what pattern you prefer.
  3. Leave to dry, when they are dry and you cannot see any “wet” bits this should take about 20 to 45 minutes depending on the temperature.
  4. You can now spray your second solvent colour - if using silver first try using black as your second colour, please note that when you're mixing your second colour, make it a lot thinner than you would normally i.e. 40 % paint to 60 % thinner.
  5. Then spray only 1 light coat of paint, but be careful! - The more you put on, the harder it will be to wash off,
  6. Let that dry then use a lot of water and a brush or a old grey scotch pad and rub gently - you will see the pattern appearing,
  7. After that you can either leave it or apply some of our awesome new candies over it, then finish it off with one of our fantastic clear coats.

You can now apply even more colours - try our Candy Colours for amazing effects.

Apply our Ultimate Clear  - Clear coat for an unparralleled Deep Gloss

Please note - This solution can only be used with solvent based products, as you have to use water to scrub off the remaining crystals.

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