Custom Crystal Clearcoat

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1ltr Clearcoat Kit
3ltr Clearcoat Kit
7.5 ltr Clearcoat Kit
HS 2K Crystal Clear Clearcoat kit from the Airbrush Academy 

We offer a couple of options for you with our clearcoat, please see below for Kit options

Premium 2K Urethane Clear 
Scratch Resistance when cured 
Chemical Resistance & Flexibility 

Perfect to finish of your custom paintwork. 

This clearcoat is designed to be extremely hard wearing, have the ultimate glass like gloss, and ease of application. PERFECT for crash helmets, motorbike paintwork and more. 

For larger work we have a medium and slow hardener allowing longer flash times to eliminate dry edges and areas when clear coating projects like cars and trucks etc... 

For smaller jobs or where no bake option is available we have an ultra fast hardener to help your drying times. If unsure of what you need please ask 

Application instructions are supplied along with mixing instructions