Airbrush Tuition

If you have ever wanted to learn the skills and techniques involved , or just improve your existing
airbrush art,The airbrush Academy is ideally suited to you. We Are an official learning centre and stockist for Iwata Airbrushes, we are trusted because of our dedication and knowledge we have earned in over two decades in the industry.

Modular Learning
Our Airbrush Tuition is broken down into Modules. This enables you to identify which path or route you desire, but it all starts with Modular 1: Beginner/Novice.

There are 5 main areas we cover:
  • MOD 1 : Beginner/Novice. (for the complete Novice)
  • MOD 2 : The Next Step in Airbrushing (intermediate)
  • MOD 3 : Advanced and realism (The illustration side of Airbrushing) 
MOD 1 Beginner Novice.
This is where it all starts, before we can create we must first master our tools and the basic techniques. This class is for the beginner or complete novice, and we teach you all the strokes you need to create fantastic airbrush art and explain in detail how each part is effectively executed.
We take you through three paintings, with each step incorporating more of the techniques to complete our final project on the second day. 

MOD 2 Intermediate
We have named this airbrush class 'The Next Step' as most airbrush artists reach a good understanding of creating artwork after our beginner class, and now its time to turn it up a notch and effectively incorporate colour. This class is dedicated to refining your airbrush strokes and creating full colour murals or airbrushed paintings.
We teach you all about colour and how to build your paintings on two different back grounds giving you vast knowledge on creating stunning full colour paintings and getting that tight detail you desire

MOD 3 Advanced and Illustration
Our advanced Class, for the proffesional, and those who desire greatness for their airbrush art.
This class is dedicated to pushing the boundarys with their artwork and are serious about being the best at what they do. We take you to a level no other UK airbrush school can, Photorealistic airbrushing that will stun your customers or viewers and cause confusion to whether they are actually painted. We teach you techniques to create unbelieveble detail, textures and realism on most any any surface you desire, canvas, illustration board, automotive surface and papers. See our MOD 3 Advanced section for more details.

Themed Tuition.
In addition to our Modular Learning Program, We offer themed airbrush classes. Dedicated airbrush classes for one particular subject. We cover:
  • Portraits
  • Pinstriping
  • Gold Leaf
  • Painting on Leather
  • Skulls
  • Kustom Paint Effects
  • Comic Book Art
  • Fire

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