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The Airbrush Academy have launched our very own online tutorial and learning site for you to learn from in the comfort of your own home.

Our Full HD, In Depth, Real Time courses are idea for those who would love to learn from us but life just gets in the way

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Heres whats ready for you,  just to get you started....

  • Beginner Fundamentals - Basic Strokes
  • Beginner Projects 1
  • Beginner Main Project - The EYE
  • Beginner Project 2 - the Skull
  • Beginner Silhouette
Beginner Main Project- The EYE (Total Tutorial time 1Hour 15 mins)

Beginner Silhouette (Total Tutorial time 43 mins)

Beginner Skull (Total Tutorial time 1Hour 15 mins)

Beginner Custom Airbrushing
For those who love the Custom Side of airbrushing, we have specific tutorials to cater for all your learning needs.
  • Airbrushing A Custom Helmet
  • ​​​​​​​Beginner Pinstriping
  • ​​​​​​​First Steps with Gold Leaf
  • ​​​​​​​Airbrushing Fire
  • ​​​​​​​Beginner Skull Helmets
  • ​​​​​​​Airbrushing Custom Graphics
Airbrushing A Custom Helmet (3 Episodes, Total Tutorial time 2 Hours 30 mins)

First Steps With Gold Leaf (Total Tutorial time 30 mins)

Airbrushing Fire (Total Tutorial time 47 Mins)

Airbrushing Custom Graphics (
Total Tutorial time 3 Hours)
4 tutorials covering creating great airbrushed graphics, Flames, lettering, understanding light, gold leaf, masking with fineline, tribal designs and more

Beginners Guide To Pinstriping (Total Tutorial time 1Hour 4 mins)

Custom Murals
​​​​​​​If you are ready with the foundations, and the basics, we have something to to get you going with awesome custom mural work

Airbrushing the Clown (Total Tutorial time 2Hours 15 mins)

AIrbrushing The NUN (Total Tutorial time 1Hour 27 mins)

​​​​​​​We build you up to creating stunning realistic portraits in a few stages, with our advanced Portraits are approximately 6 hour tutorial making sure you get every bit of information you need to create your own

Airbrushing Walter White (
Total Tutorial Time Approx 6 Hours)

Airbrushing Tom (Total Tutorial time 2 Hours 25 Mins)

Intermediate Colour Portraits -
(Total Tutorial time 1Hour 55 mins)

These are just a few of the tutorials we have on our site, with more added monthly including
Wildlife- Bird Of Prey
​​​​​​​Reflections- Photorealism of a Harley Davidson
​​​​​​​Technique Tutorials - Scraping, Textures, The Surface we paint on, Erasing
​​​​​​​Colour theory for realism
And more added every month..

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Alan Livesey -

The fantstic tutorials just keep coming.....

At least one new one every month.

Subscription is not a rip off price like some sites.

If you want to learn from a great teacher this is well worth the price. — feeling happy.

Garry Carson - Coventry

I started as a complete beginner, the progress you make with Mick Neill support is breathtaking, i have tried quite a few tutorials and sites but this is by far the best.

Highly recommended.

Mark Richardson -

Learn to airbrush TV, is an amazing platform to learn from. As I'm unable to attend all the classes. That are on offer, at the airbrush academy. This is one brilliant way to learn, as mick describes everything in detail just like being there in the studio. You can stop and rewind if you do miss something. The subjects which are on the airbrush TV cover a massive range of techniques. I'm made up with airbrush TV and is well worth the money we'll done mick 👌👌

Donna Lowson - Sheffield

Very informative easy to follow. Highly recommended

Jamie Gladman - Havant

A fantastic way to learn and absorb airbrushing at your own pace ,or just a reminder to tighten up your skills.

Well worth joining up new projects coming up all the time 🙂 .

Jamie #JAAcustompaint #jamiesairbrushedart.